Sunshine and blue skies

It’s amazing how much the sun can impact on ones moods.

Yesterday, the sun was shining so bright. The skies were blue. No clouds. No rain. Honestly it made my mood infinitely brighter.

I went outside and felt the warmth on my skin and the sun in my eyes and I couldn’t help but smile.

Winter sun is my favourite kind of sunshine. Summer is kind of my worst nightmare. As anyone who is not body confident will know, with summer comes the anxiety of what will I wear and just feeling uncomfortable for months whereas winter sun is full of the brightness and peace but I can hide away in my comfort jacket and not worry!

Yesterday was a bright and sunny day and it just made me feel pretty damn good.

Today, the weather changed and along with it, my mood.

It was dark, raining and freezing cold.

I woke up without that energised feeling I get when the sun shines through the curtains. The rain quite literally dampened my mood.

My walk didn’t have the sound of birds or the warmth of the sun instead I felt miserable and cold wishing I had just stayed at home.

Believe me, as someone who suffers with poor mental health, including depression, I know it isn’t simple and there’s a million and one things that can impact on our mood and that could change from day to day, hour to hour but for me, the weather certainly impacts on how I feel.

I love being outside. I love walking through the woods seeing the light shine through the trees or walking through fields or sitting by a lake. That is where I find my peace. That is how I clear my mind. And that is why the sun makes things feel a little bit better.

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